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Series OSRNA

All Purpose Self-Regulating Heating Cable ELSR-NA

The NA line of self-regulating heating cables are designed for freeze protection and process temperature maintenance  and are suitable for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications. The cables are approved for non-hazardous and hazardous locations, and rated for wet locations and outdoor use.

Suited for:
• Freeze protection
• Pipes, vessel and tanks
• Roof and gutter applications
• Water lines
• Heat tracing of instrumentation
• Sprinkler systems

How To Videos:

  • Product sheet
  • Approval / Dimensional drawings
  • Roof clips instructions (ELB-RCLIP)
  • Design Guide
  • Cross reference chart
  • Extended Warranty
  • Heating Circuit Length Chart
  • Operating manual
  • Termination instructions 1
  • Termination instructions 2
  • Promotional flyer
  • Warranty Specifications