Floor Heating Cable for Membrane
Series OTR
The comfort of radiant heating

The floor heating cable for membrane provides comfort and well-being through radiant heating. By heating the floor itself instead of the surrounding air, the system provides indirect heat that radiates from the floor up and is absorbed by surrounding objects, warming the entire room. As an integrated heating system, it produces enveloping heat that is also clean, cost-effective, uniform, and constant.

• Specifically designed for use with uncoupling membrane installation systems.*

• No mechanical fasteners required.

• Membrane provides mechanical protection for the cable.

• Density between 9.6W/sq. ft. (3 3/4” spacing) and 12W/sq. ft. (3” spacing) depending on the type of membrane used.

• 25-year warranty on the heating cable.

*Consult the membrane manufacturer’s instructions to ensure it is suitable for use with heating cables.

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