Economical Unit Heater
Series OAE
Ceiling Fan Heater
Series ODS
Commercial Unit Heater
Series OHV
Patio Infrared Heater
Series OCF
Radiant Cove Heater
Series ORC
Floor Heating Cable on Mat
Series OTM
Floor Heating Cable for Membrane
Series OTR
Heating Cable for Concrete on Mat
Series OWC-M
Heating Cable for Concrete in Reel
Series OWC-R
Floor Heating Cable for Installation with Strapping
Series OWF-R
Heating Cable for Snow Melting on Mat
Series OWS-T
Micro Self-Regulating Heating Cable ELSR-MA
Series OSR-MA
All Purpose Self-Regulating Heating Cable ELSR-NA
Series OSR-NA
120V Preassembled Self-Regulating Heating Cable
Series OSR-PI
Self-Regulating Heating Cable Options
Series OSR
Portable Construction Heater
Series OCC
Hard-Wired Unit Heater
Series OCC-RF
Unit Heater with Bracket
Series OCC-WB
European-Style Convector
Series OCE
Contemporary Convector
Series OCT
Standard Convector
Series ONC
First Generation Electric Furnace
Series Nortron OFE-B
New Generation Electric Furnace
Series Nortron OFE-D
Energy Efficient Electric Furnace
Series Nortron OFE-ECM
Advantage Electric Furnace
Series OFE-A
Comfort Electric Furnace
Series OFE-C
High-End Baseboard Heater
Series ODL
Standard Baseboard Heater
Series OFM
Patio Door Baseboard Heater
Series OPP
Mini Patio Door Baseboard Heater
Series OPPM
Champagne Ductless Single Zone Heat Pump
Series OTP-C
Eagle Ductless Single Zone Heat Pump
Series OTP-E
Myriad Plus Ductless Multizone Heat Pump
Series OTP-MZ
Olympia Ductless Single Zone Heat Pump
Series OTP-O
To find out more
Series OTP-Videos
Become a Ouellet Certified Installer
Series OTP-Installer
Heat Pump Warranties
Series OTP-Warranties
Bath Fans
Series OVB
Kickspace Fan Heater
Series OCP
Compact Wall Fan Heater
Series OFB
Floor Insert Fan Heater
Series OFH
Convection and Fan Heater
Series OHY
European-Style Bathroom Fan Heater
Series OVE
Electronic Bathroom Fan Heater
Series OVN
Register Wall Fan Heater
Series OVR
Compact Ceiling Fan Heater
Series OVRP
Residential Wall Fan Heater
Series OVS