Find a Sales Rep

To find your nearest authorized distributor or sales representative please contact the Ouellet regional sales manager for your area, see map below.

Ouellet's Regional Sales representatives territories

Owen Suchar (204) 390-2066 owen.suchar@ouellet.com
Owen Suchar (204) 390-2066 owen.suchar@ouellet.com
Rob McKeta (484) 942-9189 rob.mcketa@ouellet.com

International distributors

Our sales and distribution network knows no borders. To help us locate you quickly and activate the service and distribution links serving your area, simply click on "click here". You will receive answers to all your questions and information about the distribution center closest to you within 48 business hours.

Since Ouellet Canada Inc. provides only the finest products, our professional customers receive highly specialized, personalized service as well as first-rate assistance from our fully trained staff. Therefore, our products cannot be sold over the Internet. The manufacturer’s guarantee applies only to products purchased through the authorized Ouellet distribution network.