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ERV - Energy Recovery Air Exchanger with Recirculation
Series OSAME115R
  • Fully adjustable air flow (113 cfm @ 0 in.w.g.).
  • 67% sensible recovery effectiveness at 0 °C (30 L/s),
  • 60% sensible recovery effectiveness at -25 °C (24 L/s).
  • Energy Star certified.
  • Recirculation defrosts.
  • Ultra-thin: 9 in. (229 mm) and compact for easy installation in tight spaces, while maximizing living space. Can be ceiling-mounted or suspended.
  • Lightweight for ease of installation: 37 lb (16.8 kg).
  • Hinged door for easy access to components for maintenance purposes.
  • High-efficiency cube made from polymer materials, washable by complete immersion in soapy water to restore maximum efficiency.
  • Uses 5-inch ports, to exhaust stale air and to supply fresh air from outdoors.
  • Two configurations to optimize your space: Side Port or Top Port models. Reverse air flow configuration available as a factory installed option (-R).
  • No drain required.
  • The ideal solution for high-rise appartements and small to medium-size homes.

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