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Commercial Unit heater
Series OHV
Great heat, fast!

Developed to target the larger commercial and institutional markets, the OHV unit heater offers a number of special features such as a draw-through design, egg-crate discharge air diffuser, individual adjustable louvers, and an attractive contemporary design.

Its perfectly matched CFM to Delta T and dynamic air throw provide the right temperature rise and make it the best heater for fast recovery in spot heating applications and where people are in the air stream.

The OHV unit can be mounted horizontally (wall or ceiling) using the supplied brackets or vertically using 4 threaded rods (not included).

Our standard corrosion and heat-resistant colors are at the top of the line of today’s paint technology, maintaining that brand new look of your unit for years and years.

For those projects where a specific color is desired, you can choose from our custom color charts and get Ouellet heaters exactly as you want them. We also offer anodizing aluminum products.

Standard Colors

Almond (AM)
Spare Parts

Accessories and controls

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