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Retailer Registration Form

Retailer details

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* Agreement terms and conditions

  • Registering the warranty is the retailer’s responsibility. When applicable, payment of additional coverage shall be made within thirty (30) days and will only take effect after full payment.
  • The retailer must ensure all information related to the end user is accurate.
  • The retailer must maintain a minimum of $1M liability insurance coverage and provide evidence at each renewal.
  • The retailer has the right to refuse a service call.
  • The retailer must guarantee all work performed (installation, repair) for a period of 90 days.
  • The retailer must complete all required information in the installation instruction form and return it when registering the warranty.
  • The customer remains the retailer’s customer for service calls unless the retailer has exercised their right of refusal, or if this agreement is terminated.
  • The retailer agrees to check the warranty coverage before performing any work.
  • The retailer agrees to submit any claim within sixty (60) days of performing the work for verification and approval.
  • The retailer agrees to complete all required information in the claim form and in accordance with the repair guide for covered and non-covered work.
  • Ouellet Canada Inc. agrees to pay for covered work within thirty (30) days after approval of the claim.
Termination of the contract
  • This contract may be terminated by either party with or without cause via a written notice within thirty (30) days.