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Discontinued Products

Slave units
Series CT230
Portable Construction Heater
Series OCH
Unique Electric Furnace
Series OFE
Chinook Electric Furnace
Series OFO
Unique Electric Furnace
Series OFR
Zephyr Electric Furnace
Series OFY
Wireless Communication Programmable Electronic Thermostat
Series OTH4000-GT
Programmable Thermostat, 4000/5000W
Series OTH5007P
Non Programmable Electromechanical Thermostat
Series OTH770
Double-pole, Non programmable Thermostat, 3600W
Series OTH800D
24V Non programmable Thermostat
Series OTH824
Mechanical, single-pole (°C)
Series OTL101C
Mechanical, single-pole (°F)
Series OTL101F
Mechanical, double-pole (°C)
Series OTL102C
Mechanical, double-pole (°F)
Series OTL102F
Fan - Heat - Light
Series OVB-HL
Non programmable Electronic Low Voltage Thermostat
Series TH114
Programmable Thermostat for Floor Heating System
Series TH115
Thermostat, module and wireless antenna
Series THRF-K
Module and wireless antenna
Series THRF-M
Forced-Air Ceiling Heater
Series WHFC
New Generation Hand Dryer
Series XAP
Atex/IECEx Approved Explosion-Proof Unit Heater
Series AHX
Web Interface
Series GT125
New Generation Electric Furnace
Series Nortron OFE-D
Executive Convector
Series OEC
AirMulti Multi-voltage Hand Dryer
Series OSM-AM
Non Programmable Electronic Thermostat
Series OTH2750
Wireless Communication Programmable Electronic Thermostat
Series OTH2750-GT
Programmable Electronic Thermostat
Series OTH2750P
Wireless communication programmable electronic thermostat
Series OTH3600-GA-GT
Apollo Ductless Single Zone Heat Pump and Air Conditioner
Series OTP-A
BOREAL Ductless Single Zone Heat Pump
Series OTP-B
Series OVB
Electronic Bathroom Fan Heater - Discontinued
Series OVN