High-End Baseboard Heater
Series ODL
Ouellet Canada’s new high-end baseboard heater, combines elegance and performance to restore its former glory to this electric heating classic.

More than a question of appearance, the high-end baseboard heater is distinguished by the quality of its components, the robustness of its materials and the reliability associated with the Ouellet brand.

Our standard corrosion and heat-resistant white and almond are at the top of the line of today’s paint technology, maintaining that brand new look of your unit for years and years.

For those projects where a specific color is desired, you can choose from our custom color charts and get Ouellet heaters exactly as you want them. We also offer anodizing aluminum products.

Standard Colors

White (BL)
Metallic Charcoal (CM)

Optional Colors

Almond (AM)
Semi-Gloss Black (NL)
Metallic Silver (AE)
Bronze (BZ)
Aluminium (AL)
Sand (SA)
Spare Parts

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