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Here are the answers to our most frequently asked questions. If this page does not contain the information you’re looking for, feel free to get in touch with us by clicking on the Contact us button for general questions about products and services or the Technical support button for technical questions about our products.

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Why should I choose Ouellet products?
Where can I get Ouellet products?
What is the Ouellet warranty?
Who can install a Ouellet heater?
Is there a Ouellet distribution network overseas?
My baseboard heater makes slight crackling or popping noises when it comes back on. Is that normal?
Do baseboard heaters and convectors use different heating principles?
My curtains cover the baseboard. Does this affect heater efficiency?
How can I prevent yellowing?
How should I clean my Ouellet heaters, and how often?
I'd like to change the color of my baseboard heaters or renew their appearance. Is this possible?
What are the benefits of this heating system for the consumer?
Can the floor heating system be a room's main heat source, without additional heating?
Who can install a floor heating system?
Which floor coverings are compatible with the floor heating system?
Does the heater have to be installed under a window?
What is the difference between electronic and mechanical thermostats?
Is a programmable electronic thermostat more efficient?
Integrated or wall electronic thermostat which is better?